Nesodden Karateklubb

Member of Jindokai (Society of the path of Benevolence)


Undersidene inneholder klubbens pensum, informasjon om treningsmengde og generell informasjon om karate og den stilarten vi praktiserer.


“Why I’m a Martial Artist.”


I am a martial artist. I don’t see the world like you.

I see below the surface, when you see water blue.

Although you can’t conceive it, I stand tall to face the wind.

And if you ask me how, I say it comes from strength within.

I am a martial artist. But competing is just a part.

When you see me standing still, I’m fighting in my heart.

I know that I am different, no need to tell me this.

I love the joy of training, somehow it brings me bliss.


I am a martial artist. But I have no enemies.

Although I’m trained to fight, my actions strive for peace.

I know you think I’m crazy, when I get another bruise.

But I just keep on training, no matter, win or lose.

I am a martial artist. This is the life I choose.


By Jesse Enkamp, inspired by Karen Eden.

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